Angelus Oaks, California

42121 Seven Oaks Rd

May 1-3


Top Speakers

Variety of backgrounds.

100 Seats

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  • PreRegistration is Closed

    That's all folks! I have closed the pre registration (a little late, due to wilderness first aid training over the weekend.) The only chance for you to get a ticket now is to get on a waiting list for limited remaining tickets. At this time (April 20th) only 5 tickets remain!

  • Tickets are selling out fast!

    After a great week of ticket sales, there are only 15-20 tickets remaining for Disconnect Camp. Hurry and reserve your spot today!

    -- Need an invite code? Use "ireadthefrontpage" --

  • Pre-Registration Ends April 17th

    Hurry and get your Disconnect Camp ticket before your last option will be to try to get what few may remain on the day of. Save $50 by purchasing your ticket before April 17th, 2015.

  • Announcing Kids Camp

    Do you feel guilty about attending a summer camp without your kid(s)? Don't want them to feel left out and jealous about you having fun for a weekend? Well, good news. We're opening a few slots for a kids-camp during this event, that will feature an accredited camp counselor to lead daytime events for a limited number of kids (age 5-15) during the Disconnect Camp weekend. Best of all, the first 5 people who sign up their kids will get this service free of charge as long as one of the parents are attending Disconnect Camp (yep, the kids get to go camping, get free food for the weekend and will learn something, all for free!)

    If you are interested in signing up yourself and your kid, please use the contact page form or during signup include that you would like to include your child as an attendee. Hurry! Spaces are limited and after the first 5 signups, each kid attending this side events will have to have their parents pay for a full Disconnect Camp ticket for the child as well. Also, please note that if both parents plan to attend Disconnect Camp, even if one is not actively engaging in the talk track they will need to purchase a ticket for both parents, as the ticket price covers food and lodging expenses during the event. If anyone shows up without a ticket reserved for this event, they will be requested to pay for their keep or leave.

  • Need an invitation code?

    In the interest of giving everyone an opportunity to join this awesome event, here is an invite code: "ireadthefrontpage" ... they aren't hard to find, but take the smallest amount of effort/interest to get. ;).

  • Twitter anyone?

    Stay tuned to our website or twitter for more information about Disconnect Camp.

  • What makes Disconnect Camp unique?

    The price of the ticket includes food and campsite lodging. 3 Catered meals per day, including a snack bar and beverages available 24 hours a day.

    The event takes places at summer camp, not a hotel or restrictive venue. The entire campsite will be used exclusively for Disconnect Camp, so there will be no shared space with non-conference people.

    You will find it easy to interact with your peers or find something to do. If you want some time alone, there plenty of space on the camp grounds or you for those who are inclined, hiking trails throughout the wider area.

    With no hotel reservations, wedding parties or other events going at the same place as this conference, you will be free to relax, play some games (including a proper vector graphics asteroids box) and discuss whichever topic comes us with like minded people.

    Need I say more? How about a 24 hour nacho fountain?

  • About

    Disconnect Camp's goal is to provide a close knit environment where everyone attending regardless of why they are there, will leave with closer connections to their colleagues, peers and with any luck a renewed drive towards existing and new projects. Lace up your hiking boots, get your favorite hat out of the closet and get ready to head up to the clean air and get in some great discussions about information security.

    Engagement is encouraged, you will find it easy to interact with your peers during round table discussions, fire-side chats or during some of the many side events such as hiking, pool, table tennis, rock wall traversal etc... If you're just looking for some time alone there will be plenty of space on the camp grounds to sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoors --- I personally recommend bringing a hammock and setting up in the treeline to give yourself a little time to recharge between talks.

    Attendees will be provided a place to setup camp, and food will be prepared during the event by the staff of the campgrounds. It is encouraged to bring your own personal snacks/beverages of choice, however campsite cooking is not allowed. Anyone attending who has special dietary needs can contact us when you get your ticket (or at least one month prior to the event) so special meals can be prepared (vegetarian, vegan and other dietary needs can easily be requested)

    Interested in renting a cabin? Please contact us for pricing. Cabins are extremely limited, however they are encouraged for anyone who wishes to have a group event.

    There is more than one shower. Good hygiene is strongly encouraged and with more than one communal shower, easily achieved.

  • Logistics

    Where is it?

    Near Big Bear, California. Directions and specific location details will be emailed to ticket holders. The closet airport is Ontario (ONT), the event is approximately 1 hour from ONT, and 2-4 hours from Los Angeles (LAX) or Orange County (SNA) -- depending on traffic, welcome to Southern California.

    What are the lodging arrangments?

    The event is intended as a camping event, so please bring a tent and appropriate warm clothing and sleeping gear. In the case of serious weather or other emergencies, there will be an emergency lodging cabin available for a hostel like sleeping space (e.g.. bunk beds in a shared space).

    Will it be safe?

    There will be safety staff at the event, each will have extensive outdoor experience and most will be CPR and first aid certified in case of any emergency needs. Local dangerous wildlife may include: Bees, Black Bears, Coyotes and possibly Rattle Snakes; the camp staff will be making regular rounds to have our presence known to the wildlife and deter their entering the campgrounds.

    Due to the drought in California, bear and human interactions in the area have gone up slightly; because of this there will be a strict no-food in cabins/tents policy for camper safety.

    What about food?

    Meals are included in your ticket purchase, see the schedule for meal times. Bringing personal snacks and food is encouraged for your perosnal needs and a standup refridgerator is available for storage.

    I have special diet needs, will you be able to accommodate?

    Yes! Well, probably. Please include details when you purchase your ticket, or contact disconnect camp staff about your needs and we will see to your needs being met. Vegetarian and vegan meals are easily and regularly prepared by the camp staff.

  • Event Starts

    You are welcome to arrive early and will be guided by staff as to where you can setup your camp.
  • Lunch

    Enjoy lunch at the main lodge.
  • Camp Orientation

    Get the basic information as to where things are in the campgrounds, meet the camp staff and get the down low on any last minute additions to the schedule.
  • Event and Project Hour

    Get a demo and some practice time for some of the events that will take place over the weekend, or just socialize.
  • Dinner

    Dinner in the main lodge.
  • Evening Events

    Campfire, good company, good music, good times, all in the outdoors ... everything that makes camping enjoyable.
  • Breakfast/Brunch

    Early risers will get access to the breakfast buffet, those who arrive later will still be able to snag continental brunch (fruits, cereals, coffee, etc..).
  • Closing Ceremonies

    Get the final low down on everything about Disconnect Camp, and get special insight on what's next on our agenda for getting outdoors.
  • Camp Shut Down

    You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.


Enjoy the schedule presentations which are all in "round table" format, or take a break from the talk track and have some time in the outdoors with a variety of activities including (but not limited to): Hiking, Archery, Ping Pong, Pool, Foosball, Volley Ball, Traverse Wall, or just break out a board game.

  • Meals are strictly scheduled, off hour food is limited.
  • Round Table talks encourage interaction, be polite but be engaged!
  • A variety of alternative talks/events will be posted as they are confirmed.


Those with the skills will win prizes, those without will go home with a wealth of knowledge in newly learned skills. Stay

  • Quad Copter Racing
  • The Fox Hunt
  • Ping Pong
  • Lock Picking Drinking Game

Challenge your skills at the Lock Picking drinking game.

Equipment list:
Lock Picks
Healthy Liver
Bottle Opener

Have you got what it takes to find the fox?

Equipment list:
Device with wifi
Radio Capable of RX below 1ghz
A clever mind

Test your best at Ping Pong

Equipment list:
Table Tennis Bat
Competitive Spirit!

Quad Copter Racing, bring it on!

Equipment list:
Quad Copter
A need for speed


What to expect.


While this is the first official Disconnect Camp, this venue has been used for a fair number of events in the past by the organizers.

Here is an example as to the sort of activities you may see at Disconnect Camp.
  • Disconnect Camp Photo 9
  • Disconnect Camp Photo 10
  • Disconnect Camp Photo 3
  • Disconnect Camp Photo 6
  • Disconnect Camp Photo 7
  • Disconnect Camp Photo 8


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These leaders in their fields will be attending disconnect camp to lead round table discussions.

Quinn Norton

Quinn Norton

Quinn Norton is a writer who likes to hang out in the dead end alleys and rough neighborhood of the Internet, where bad things can happen to defenseless little packets.

Karl Koscher

Karl Koscher

Karl Koscher has a strong academic background as well as hands on experience and expertise in many security fields. He specializes in embedded systems security, and has presented at many other information security conferences and camps in the past.

Ron Perris

Ron Perris

Ron Perris has worked at multiple web and network scanning vendors and at one time he was the CTO of an international PCI ASV company. The companies he worked for have performed billions of vulnerability scans and produced lots of reports, many of those were ASV certified reports.

Speaker 4

Chris Ingram

Chris has a long and convoluted background in Information Technology. After leaving software development behind years ago, Chris now focuses on the design, implementation, and protection of high-value systems.

Amade Nyirak

Amade Nyirak

Trained in the art and science of clinical psychology, Dr. Nyirak is dedicated to patching and hardening the "human operating system" against social engineering based attacks.

Carl Sue

Carl Sue

Carl Sue is a security consultant and researcher interested in Application Security, Cryptography, and things normal people frown on. Larger interests include neurobiology and human computer integration. Script Kiddie, Internet Boogieman, and Poker of the Bear, didn’t promise to behave.


Have questions? I hope we have answers.

  • When ?

    May 1st-3rd, 2015. This is a Friday through Sunday.
  • Why ?

    To encourage the collaboration, camaraderie and community within the information security field.
  • Will there be internet ?

    No internet service will be setup or provided at the camp, most major cellular providers have some signal at Disconnect Camp however it is sporadic.
  • I have special dietary needs, is there a food option for me ?

    Probably! Just let us know when you get your ticket purchased and we will make arrangements. If you tell us after you show up to Disconnect Camp, we may not be able to help.
  • Where ?

    Near Big Bear California. Two hours drive from Los Angeles, and an hourish drive from the local airport Ontario (ONT). 42121 Seven Oaks Rd, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305
  • What should I bring ?

    This is a camping event, attendees should bring a tent, sleeping gear, and warm clothing for Disconnect Camp. Food will be covered and provided in the cost of your ticket.
  • I don't want to camp, can I get a room ?

    There are limited numbers of cabins available for groups to purchase. They are being sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Is this one of those no-technology camps? Can I bring my phone/laptop ?

    This is not an anti-technology event, you are free to bring your phone or laptop however there will be plenty to do to keep you away from having to power on.


Much appreciation for those who help make Disconnect Camp happen.


Break down of cost for Disconnect Camp. All tickets include meals for the weekend.

  • Ticket
  • Food/Drink
  • Rental Gear
  • Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain


  • Conference Attendance
  • Food/Drink
  • Rental Gear
  • Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain

On Site Ticket

  • Conference Attendance
  • Food/Drink
  • Rental Gear
  • Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain

Gear Rental**

  • Conference Attendance
  • Food/Drink
  • Rental Gear
  • Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain


  • Conference Attendance
  • Food/Drink
  • Rental Gear
  • Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain

* Pre-registration closed on April 17th

** Gear Rental must be arranged before the event


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