Big Bear


March 25th - 28th


Mental Health

Be a Helper; Find a Helper

50 Seats

Space is limited.


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  • How can I get an invitation code?

    It's as easy as reacing out on twitter to @DisconnectCamp

  • What makes Disconnect Camp unique?

    The price of the ticket includes food and campsite lodging. 3 Catered meals per day, including a snack bar and beverages available 24 hours a day.

    The event takes places at summer camp, not a hotel or restrictive venue. The entire campsite will be used exclusively for Disconnect Camp, so there will be no shared space with non-conference people.

    You will find it easy to interact with your peers or find something to do. If you want some time alone, there plenty of space on the camp grounds or you for those who are inclined, hiking trails throughout the wider area.

    With no hotel reservations, wedding parties or other events going at the same place as this conference, you will be free to relax, play some games (including a proper vector graphics asteroids box) and discuss whichever topic comes us with like minded people.

    Need I say more? How about a 24 hour nacho fountain?

  • About

    Disconnect Camp's goal is to provide a close knit environment where everyone attending regardless of why they are there, will leave with closer connections to their colleagues, peers and with any luck a renewed drive towards existing and new projects. Lace up your hiking boots, get your favorite hat out of the closet and get ready to head up to the clean air and get in some great discussions about information security and life.

    Engagement is encouraged, you will find it easy to interact with your peers during round table discussions, fire-side chats or during some of the many side events such as hiking, pool, table tennis, rock wall traversal etc... If you're just looking for some time alone there will be plenty of space on the camp grounds to sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoors --- I personally recommend bringing a hammock and setting up in the tree line for a mid-day siesta, or just wander off next to the river (just 20 yards away) and meditate to the sounds of the water.

    Attendees will be provided a place to setup camp (or bunk if requested), and food will be prepared during the event by the staff of the campgrounds. It is encouraged to bring your own personal snacks/beverages of choice, however campsite cooking is not allowed. Anyone attending who has special dietary needs can contact us when you get your ticket (or at least one month prior to the event) so special meals can be prepared (vegetarian, vegan and other dietary needs can easily be requested)

    Interested in renting a cabin? Please contact us for pricing. Cabins are extremely limited, however they are encouraged for anyone who wishes to have a group event.

    There is more than one shower. Good hygiene is strongly encouraged and with more than one communal shower, easily achieved.

  • Logistics

    Where is it?

    Near Big Bear, California. Directions and specific location details will be emailed to ticket holders. The closet airport is Ontario (ONT), the event is approximately 1 hour from ONT, and 2-4 hours from Los Angeles (LAX) or Orange County (SNA) -- depending on traffic, welcome to Southern California.

    What are the lodging arrangements?

    The event is intended as a camping event, so please bring appropriate warm clothing and sleeping gear. For anyone choosing not to tent-camp, you may feel free to find a free bunk in a shared cabin. The shared lodging cabins will have heat, water, bunks and be sheltered from the weather. Consider it hostel like sleeping space (e.g.. bunk beds in a shared space, communal bathrooms located outside the cabin).

    Will it be safe?

    There will be safety staff at the event, each will have extensive outdoor experience and most will be CPR and first aid certified in case of any emergency needs. Local dangerous wildlife may include: Bees, Black Bears, Rattle Snakes and camp-dogs (the dogs are dangerous if you're allergic to cuteness); the camp staff will be making regular rounds to have our presence known to the wildlife and deter their entering the campgrounds.

    Due to the drought in California, bear and human interactions are a concern, as well as a fire-ban (only camp staff can manage/start fires). There is a strict policy that all food items should be stored in the lodge (there is refrigeration) and should not be left in cabins, tents or vehicles.

    What about food?

    Meals are included in your ticket purchase, see the schedule for meal times. Bringing personal snacks and food is encouraged for your personal needs and a public refrigerator is available for cold storage..

    I have special diet needs, will you be able to accommodate?

    Yes! Well, probably. Please include details when you purchase your ticket, or contact disconnect camp staff about your needs and we will see to your needs being met. Vegetarian and vegan meals are easily and regularly prepared by the camp staff.

  • Camp is being prepared

    We are gathering our gear and preparing to put together another great event come Spring 2019. Keep in the know by signing up for our newsletter!

Call For Participation

We will have an open call for people looking to contribute and participate in this event via: workshops, moderating panels, or leading discussions on important topics. Unlike a typical CFP, we are not looking for someone to provide a 45 minute lecture we are focusing on bringing in people who can drive a conversation.

  • First Round deadline:
    January 1st 2019.
  • Final CFP deadline:
    February 1st 2019.
  • Final schedule released:
    February 15th 2019.

If you are a veteran presenter and can guide a discussion in a crowd, then this is the option for you. The subject matter is up to you, but some ideas include: Legal/Historical discussions, developing open source projects, how to avoid a failure you've encountered, technology culture, end user's usage of security/technology, etc... These discussions are what made Disconnect Camp great last year and we're looking for some solid presenters to lead our discussions again this year. Submit your contact information, bio, description of the discussion you wish to cover and a quick itinerary of what topics to will cover to cfp+discussion at

Do you have a project that is hands on, do you enjoy providing a direct hands on teaching experience? Then this is the option for you. Workshops will be provided a space to do their thing, and resources as needed however please keep in mind the limitations of camping including no Internet provided. Example classes we are looking for: Locksport, reverse engineering (malware or other), software defined radio, or bring your own hands on project and give a solid demonstration/request for feedback. Send us an email to cfp+workshop at including your biography, the proposed workshop, a list of required materials and time the workshop would take to complete.

Does the sound of weak hashes cracking keep you up at night? Do you have a story from the front lines of information security about evil doings, developers behaving badly, or management without a clue? We all do! So, change the names in the story, and come tell your tale with this strictly Chatham house rules event, infosec horror stories. Either show up with your story, or submit your pitch to guarantee a slot to cfp+horrorstory at


You are free to participate in all or none of the events at this open air camp/conference.

The camp's current event list is provided below:

Zen and the Art of Lockpicking

Have you ever encountered a seemingly impossible task? Have you ever solved a problem where you couldn't see what you need to do, but instead had to "feel it out" ? Then enjoy Zening out while picking a various assortment of locks provided.

Expand your lock picking skills into the metaphysical. Novices will be given basic picking techniques, and experience lock sporters can jump straight into the idea of using lock picking as a gateway zazen, satori and/or mindfulness practice.

Let your mind wander while picking away, the Zenful-mini-LockPicking village will be set up with practice locks and basic pick sets, available for attendees at any time they wish to take a break mentally and relax (or socialize) while their hands are kept busy with a lock to pick.

This is the place to vent, get out your worries or fears, and potentially reflect that perhaps your work place isn’t that bad after hearing everyone else’s story. Each evening, join the group around the fire to tell scary tales from the IT security field. Some Example Stories may be:

  • Do unpatched IoT devices keep you up at night?
  • Is an APT actor really all up in your organization?
  • Are all these named and heavily marketed vulnerabilities really a threat?

Infosec Horror Stories

Disconnect Camp Library

Feel free to check-out or echange a book from the Disconnect Camp library, find a shady spot by a tree or near the river and enjoy yourself reading some classics which adapt the hacker culture in the work. Some example books: Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, 1984, Snow Crash, Blink, Tipping Point, To Have or to Be, etc...

Attendees are encouraged to also bring books for a book exchange. If you have a book you would like to contribute to the Disconnect Camp Library, bring it with you and feel free to exchange your (good condition) book for one of the Camp's.

Join us in the evenings in the main lodge for Game Night. Socialize and compete in basic board games (werewolf/mafia, and Epic Roll will be provided) to keep you entertained, this in years past has been a highlight for many attendees and provides itself as an ice breaker for social interaction.

Not into games? Then join us fire-side for Infosec Horror Stories

Game Night

Mystery in the Woods

There are rumors of unexplained behavior in the woods of Disconnect Camp. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to solve a series of challenges only a true hacker can conquer. This is a multi-day event available for anyone to participate in either solo or part of a team. All you will need to bring is your hacker skills to compete, but you’ll need to prove your tenacity to get through all of the challenges and solve the mystery at camp.


From Previous Years


A short group of photos from previous events.

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This year's discussions are atypically centered around not technical talks, but instead life experiences.


Have questions? I hope we have answers.

  • When ?

    March 25th-28th 2019.
  • Why ?

    To encourage the relaxation and mental health of people in the technology and security fields and to broaden their knowledge and life experiences.
  • Will there be Internet ?

    No Internet service will be setup or provided at the camp, most major cellular providers have some signal at Disconnect Camp however it is sporadic.
  • I have special dietary needs, is there a food option for me ?

    Probably! Just let us know when you get your ticket purchased and we will make arrangements. If you tell us after you show up to Disconnect Camp, we may not be able to help.
  • Where ?

    Near Big Bear California. Two to three hours drive from Los Angeles, it is an hour drive from the local airport Ontario (ONT). Specific directions must be followed, and will be sent via email to those who purchased tickets.
  • What should I bring ?

    This is a camping event, attendees should bring a tent (or plan to bunk in a shared cabin) , always bring warm sleeping gear (bag, blanket, pillow) , and variety of clothing (it could be very warm, or very cold) for Disconnect Camp. Food will be covered and provided in the cost of your ticket, but you're welcome to bring personal snacks and beverages (as long as they are stored in the lodge, not a cabin)
  • I don't want to camp, can I get a room ?

    This year all attendees have an option to either tent camp, or take a bunk in a shared cabin. Cabin amenities are bare (water, heat and a cot) so please bring a blanket and pillow. If you would like privacy, you can purchase a group cabin and share it with friends or just yourself!
  • Is this one of those no-technology camps? Can I bring my phone/laptop ?

    This is not an anti-technology event, you are free to bring your phone or laptop, however there will be plenty to do to keep you away from having to power on.


See previous Disconnect Camp event pages.


Break down of cost for Disconnect Camp. All tickets include meals for the weekend.

  • Ticket
  • All Meals Covered
  • Bunk in Shared Cabin
  • Private Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain


  • Conference Attendance
  • Food/Drink
  • Bunk in Shared Cabin
  • Private Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain

Normal Reg

  • Conference Attendance
  • Food/Drink
  • Bunk in Shared Cabin
  • Group Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain

Private Cabin**

  • Conference Attendance
  • All Meals
  • Bunk in Shared Cabin
  • Personal Cabin
  • 24 Hour Nacho Fountain

* Pre-registration will end December 31st 2018

** Cabins include 2x tickets for the event


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